As I share my dreams of the India which I wish she develops into, I have utter faith that it can and will manifest into reality. The drastic growth of population and changing outlook of the present generation will be sure catalysts for this. To top it off, Indians have the most resourceful brains.

At present we are being brain-drained by the west, with most of the trained students lured into the jobs there. But it’s always possible to lure them back; back to the India of my dreams.

Although I am fully in tune with Kalam’s dreams for India(namely development, freedom and self-reliance), I have got some more dreams which will nourish India from its roots.

My first dream is about Education and Employment. I dream of every single Indian being educated and employed. Look around the country. We claim to be literate. Then what about the slums of Mumbai? Villages of Bihar? Haryana? Rural lanes of Tamil Nadu? It is apparent that education is being concentrated and also confined to the already literate places.The cities, mostly. Schools and colleges are sprouting like mushrooms in more populated areas. But there is a need for good education all around the country since India is filled with human resources. We should let the powers of knowledge flow and spread to every nook and corner .Why? Because if there’s anything hindering the country from being developed, it is lack of good education and awareness. By education I don’t mean mere imparting of knowledge, throwing light on bookish facts. I dream of the kind of education which makes a person not only trained and aware, but also able in his skills, wholly grown to a man of ethics and values.

Swarms of aimless doctors and engineers are also buzzing around the country, most of them either unemployed, hugely in debt- thanks to their student loans-, and therefore flying to better pastures in the west to meet ends. Now say, how many doctors and engineers do we need? It seems the ambition of every high school student is to become one among them. Yes, they are real lucrative jobs. I’ll leave it there. Because I dream of an India where all jobs are given value and respected .If she wants to be an artist, let her be. If he wants to be a writer, let him be. If they want to be farmers, oh why not let them be? (By the way farmers are the real power of India!)

I dream of an India with all her people acknowledging one’s self. Yes, the sense of self acknowledgment. Even if we are able and talented, if we are unable to be confident about it and to tap the full potential, what is the use? Also, every  citizen has to learn to acknowledge one’s self , society and the nation. When one acknowledges one’s society, he develops a sense of belonging to it; with that he learns to respect it. In such a society no crime will ever occur. In the nation with such societies, peace will flourish. There will be unity and brotherhood. It will throw seeds of patriotism and people will never be after media which sensationalise news, but only after which sensitizes them of their society.

Thus, I am very sure that we will leap into the glorious era of India. We will be proud to have her in our blood. The developed countries will look upon us, for by the time my dreams come true India shall be proudly smiling as a fully progressed, developed and united nation.

And the time is not far away. It starts now.

‘Let’s respond to India’s call’ is a marvelous speech by Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. in which he throws light upon his three visions (development, freedom and self-reliance) of India.

The above essay had been written as a high school assignment based on the speech.


I told you so!


(My first poem against what others find fit for me ..:p )

Now you can see me on the stage

screaming out with  all my rage

Remember them saying, “Never take life easy”

Wanted to see me as a doc, so busy

Oh yes, I’m Busy

Busy writing these autographs

Chucking away all those radiographs

The sphygmomanometer is soaring high

as we unplug ourselves to the sky

The story goes like this, when I go back & say

Am a would be rock star as time’ll fly away

I rattled on, I wont have round my neck a stethoscope.

With an open skull & stomach I’ll never find a scope.

But see, now where I am in the sea of screaming fans

Even if it passes away, someone up there’ll shake my hands

’cause finally I got the guts to say “No”

With due respect I say, “I told you so!”

Hello world!

Here I am, a “smart & sane” teen girl from India, all ready to jot down everything and anything that crosses my mind…It might come handy to you too.It will include:my experiences, some poetry, random thoughts and things that has interested me all of which I hope, will interest you too…

Ok, enough of narcissism.. In short I’d love to connect with y’all to know what you think about them…!

If I succeed to blog on for over a year from now, then I might have accomplished to lay open the mind of a ditsy dreamer, welthatsme!

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